How to use the search form

General information

The databases hosted by the text database system TRIP provide free-text search, i.e. you can search for all the words within most of the fields of the records. Searching is not case sensitive, but the sequence of words within a phrase is significant. When searching for Oslo Stock Exchange information the words have to be written in the same order as in the title (i.e. OSLO EXCHANGE INFORMATION or STOCK EXCHANGE INFORMATION) not OSLO EXCHANGE INFORMATION.

Boolean operators

Search expressions may be combined using the Boolean operators AND, OR or NOT (if necessary with parentheses to avoid ambiguities). If you wish to search for phrases containing the words AND, OR or NOT, these words (or the whole phrase) must be quoted.


Arctic AND polar
Arctic NOT polar
Krohg OR Krogh
(Årsskrift OR aarsskrift) AND (Trondheim OR Trondhjem)
Environment ”AND” development
”Environment and development” alternatively environment ”AND” development


When uncertain of the spelling you may block one or more characters using the truncation symbols “?” or “#”. Right, left and mid-truncation is possible.

Words may also be truncated within a phrase.

# or ? None, one or more characters/words
: At most one character/word
! Exactly one character/word


?WATER TECHNOLOGY (e.g. Underwater technology, Deep water technology)
AMERICA? (e.g. America, American)
?RISTIANIA (e.g Christiania/Kristiania)
PET:ER (e.g. Peter/Petter)
WOM!N (e.g. woman/women)
HELSIN# (e.g. Helsinki/Helsingfors)
ORGANI#ATION (e.g. organization/organisation)

Too many hits:

There is a limit of 10000 hits. If this is exceeded only the first 25 records will be presented, and you are encouraged to narrow your search.