Searching Sangindex

The search fields:

First line:
This field contains information on the first line of the song.

Reference is given to the first line of the chorus.

In the title field you may search by title. Please note that in cases where the title is identical to the first line, the information will be stored in the first line reference field only.

The title has been registred according to the information available in the publication subject to indexing. Variations in spelling may therefore occur.

Name of person:
Any person associated with the song may be sought for here, e.g. composer, collector, author or translator.

The names have been entered in the manner found in the collections. Since names are not standardized, a broad search is recommended. A search for Lindeman, l? will ensure that all variations (Lindemann, L.M., Lindeman, Ludvig M. and Lindeman, Ludvig Mathias ) will be encompassed.

Free text:
In this field you may search for words from the first line, chorus, title and name of person fields.


The database provides free text search, i.e. you can search for words within all fields of the records. Characters may be entered in upper or lower case. Searching is not case sensitive, but the sequence of words within a phrase is significant - to search for records containing the phrase «kjærlighet er lysets kilde», the words must be entered in their proper sequence (e.g. «kjærlighet er», «lysets kilde» or «kjærlighet er lysets», but NOT «kjærlighet kilde»).

Boolean operators

Search expressions can be combined using the boolean operators AND, OR or NOT (if necessary with parentheses to avoid ambiguities). Thus you may search for «kjærlighet AND kilde». If you wish to search for phrases containing the words AND, OR eller NOT, these words (or the whole phrase) must be quoted.


When uncertain of spelling, you may block one or more characters by truncation symbols. You may truncate at any position within a word (m#llom bakkar). In similar way whole words may be truncated within a phrase («m#llom bakkar og berg ! havet»).

# None, one or more characters/words
: At most one character/word
! Exactly one character/word

In some databases non-Norwegian characters (such as ä ö ü) are rendered in the library' s propriteary coding. These must be searched literally or by left/right truncation (i.e. not truncated in the middle of a word). The Norwegian characters æ,ø and å are also searched literally or can be replaced by truncation symbols.

Too many hits?

There is a limit of 10000 hits. If this is exceeded only the first 25 records will be presented, and you will be encouraged to narrow your search.