13. Inscriptions on artefacts other than wooden sticks

Of the 670 registered artefacts with alleged runic inscriptions, 29 are on artefacts other than wooden sticks. The survey is based on data from the Liestøl Archive, with the exception of B541 and B544, which have been published as N638 and N635 in NIyR:VI:I.

B004 BRM000/03028 decorated skull of a walrus, 23 cm high, 14 cm in diameter. Illustrated in Liestøl 1964:8: ioa+na.
B008 BRM000/04450 a shoe, made of leather, no measurement recorded : lya+nþkata+f-mn-u+n-æruþkit.
B026 BRM000/10006 a handle made of bone, 100 mm long, 12 - 17 mm wide and 16 - 21 mm high:
a) fuþorkhn.
b) fuþorkhnisætbmly.
c) frþoræsomær.
B129 BRM000/18093 bovine rune bone, 175 mm long, other measurements missing :
a) fuþorkhniastblmy.
b) kuna+r.
B133 BRM000/17379 a piece of soapstone, 390 mm high, other measurements missing: gutræl.
B190 BRM000/21425 bovine rune bone, measurements missing. Illustrated in Liestøl 1964:20:
a) n+uersk[pi]ramykylkaLdhøra+rþiri.
B228 BRM000/25604 a piece of pottery, measurements missing: a+lþi.
B250 BRM000/28197 a jar handle, measurements missing: fuþ.
B385 BRM000/35283 a handle made of bone, 84 mm long, 35 mm wide and 5 mm high: sigriþamek.
B453 BRM000/42375 the upper part of a leather shoe, with sewn decoration, the thread now missing. According to the Archive, there are no runes on the shoe, but either cross stiches or parallel threads.
B483 BRM000/44851 a whale bone in two pieces, 122 mm long 17 mm wide, 34 mm high. The bone has two runes: r þ.
B484 BRM000/44995 a needle made of bone, 158 mm long, 6 mm dia-meter According to the Archive there are rune-like characters on it.
B490 BRM000/46440 the shoulder bone of a small animal, measurements missing: fuþorkhniastblmye.
B502 BRM000/52560 the rune bone of an unidentified animal, 193 mm long, other measurements missing. According to the Archive, the bone has rune-like characters.
B541 BRM000/65550- N638 a strip of lead, 69 mm long, 25 mm wide and 3 - 4 mm thick:
a) susPisssusPiruresno+lioka+r.
b) ton"ioha+ni-sma+rkus-maþioslukaso+ræei.
c) þoysoiPieæeþnnkoaPnacia.
d) a+uma+riatisus-kristra+uema+ria.
B544 BRM000/68384- N635 a 23.5 carat gold ring, diametre 5.5 mm, height 0.8 mm. The inscription is a mixture of capitals and runes: MaTHEUsMaRCUSLUS[...]aNNEs.
B572 BRM000/83953 a stone, no measurements in the Archive:
a) þetaræist æirr-ikr:baki:un:not f.
b) þeta ræista+rnelhþr.
B579 BRM000/95076 a wooden post, now lost, no measurements: iiiri.
B587 BRM083/05180 a piece of split marrow bone, length 120 mm, other measurement missing: a+nne.
B605 BRM000/52927 a shoe made of leather, length 343 mm, height 160 mm:
a) imulilamo+ru.
b) iciþomniaoþ.
B606 BRM000/78137 a shoe made of leather, measurement missing: mka+nþk-kþnklki.
B614 BRM076/06200 an object refered to as 'the head of an animal', no measurement given: [... .. ...]:þi[.] rm[.]o+btu liimi.
B627 BRM110/03415 an oval strip of lead. length 40 mm, width 1 - 3 mm, height 21 mm: þoruneoi.
B651 BRM086/00426 a weaver's shuttle, made of bone with copper rivets, no measurement given: fuþ.
B658 BRM237/01518 a whetstone for needles, length 58 mm, width 7 mm, height 15 mm:
a) fuþsfbsylumiþ.
b) [....]miks[...]a[.]ki.
B661 42/00081 the head of a broken needle, length 44 mm, width 4 - 5 mm, height 13 - 23 mm: aouk (Nytt om runer:7:11).
B663 BRM000/77726 the upper part of a shoe, made of leather, no measurement given: fuþorkænmb.
B664 BRM076/04706 a sheet of lead, length 31 mm long, 26 mm wide and 1,5 mm high:
a) abrab[.]raba.
b) [...]b[.]r[..]ra (Nytt om runer:7:12 and 8:23).
B670 BRM346/04200 a spinning wheel made of stone, diametre 35 mm, 15 mm high. The wheel has a cross and a 'magical figure' according to a letter from K. F. Seim in the Runic Archive , and most likely also a sloppy u-rune.

In addition to these artefacts, there are also two wooden tablets:

BB368 - BRM000/32875: 102 mm long, 54 mm wide and 4 mm high. The A-side is illustrated in Liestøl 1964:12.

A1) þes:uil:ek:biþia:þik:a+tu:fa+r
A2) o+r:þema:po+l:o+ke:snidrit:tils
A3) yst+ur:o+la+us: hæt+usuainsh
A4) o+n:eri:bia+ruin:at+n: unu:set+ri
B1) o+klæita:ras:uiþ:ha+na:ok
B2) uiþ:prø+nbr:þinaerþu:uil
B3) dir:sæ+tas:æ+ki:a+tu:sansni
B4) ia+rls:at+u:kena:n+ubæt+u

B669 - BRM346/04181: 84 mm long, 7 mm wide and 40 mm high. Three possible readings: siumbaþik, +iumba<ik or :umba<ik.(Nytt om runer:8:21).