Runic inscriptions from Bryggen in Bergen

Norwegian version

These pages contain a catalogue of runic inscriptions from Bergen and a searchable database of the same inscriptions. The material was produced at the Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities (NCCH) at the University of Bergen. (The NCCH has now become part of the HIT-Centre at the University of Bergen.) The project was partly funded by the the Council for Research in the Humanities at the Norwegian Research Council from 1993 to 1995.

The data and webpages from the project are more or less directly transferred from the HIT-Centre to the National Library of Norway.

The inscriptions in this catalogue and in the database do not comprise a scholarly publication. Rather it is the first generally available overview of all the material from the Bryggen excavations up until 1996 with a transcription and normalization of the inscriptions taken partly from the index card copies held at the Bryggen Museum in Bergen, partly from other available sources (including scholarly publication of the relatively few published Bergen inscriptions), and for some based on readings done by Anne Haavaldsen, the runologist member of the project team.

Questions about the contents of the database can be sent to: espen.ore@nb.no or Espen S. Ore, IT, National Library of Norway, Oslo Division PO.BOX 2674, Solli, NO-0203 Oslo. Telephone: (+47) 23 27 61 25, telefax: (+47) 23 27 60 10

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