How to use the search form

General information

The database provides "free text" search, which means any search for words within selected fields of the records. The words do not need to be consecutive. Searching is not case sensitive; characters may be entered in upper or lower case. Please avoid frequently used words in order to obtain relevant search results.

Boolean operators :
Search expressions may be combined using the boolean operators AND, OR or NOT (if necessary with parentheses to avoid ambiguities). If you wish to search for phrases containing the words AND, OR or NOT, these words (or the whole phrase) must be quoted.

When uncertain of spelling, you may block one or more characters using the truncation symbols “?” og “#”. Only right truncation in possible.

Number of hits:
For the time being there is a limit of 10 000 hits. If such a search result should occur, please narrow the search further.

Word search :

Search for words pertaining to title, name of person, institution etc. Combine terms by using the logical operators AND, OR, or NOT.

Search for an author or a person as a subject. Please invert the name.

Search for one or more words from the title. Remember that the sequence of words within a phrase is significant. If sequence is uncertain, use the logical operators AND, OR, or NOT.

Search for one or more words as subject. You may also search for the name of a place or a corporate name. Combine terms by using the logical operators AND, OR, or NOT.

Serial title:
Search for one or more words from the serial title. Please remember to write the words in correct order. If you do not know the order you may use the Boolean operators AND, OR or NOT.

The search may be restricted to year of publication. First field restrics search to that particular year. Blank first field means no lower limit.
Both fields means from one particular year to an other.

Dewey number:
The number will be truncated, unless you put it in ‘ ... ‘