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G. Morgenstierne        
G.M.Professor Georg Morgenstierne (1892 - 1978) was professor of Indo-Iranian languages at the University of Oslo, Norway (UiO). The National Library of Norway, Oslo dept. and the Institute of East-European and Oriental languages at the UiO have collaborated in creating a multimedia database containing source materials originating from Morgenstierne’s studytours to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Iran. The archive is comprised primarily of photographs, though sound recordings, moving images and a handwritten fieldbook are also included. Amongst the scientific material there are silent movies from pre-Islamic ritual dances, sound recordings from almost extinct languages, and a large amount of photos from his travels during the years 1923 to 1971.
Even today the Kalash minority’s way of living in Pakistan is a unique ethnographic phenomenon since they are the only people of Indo-european origin that still have kept their ancient culture from pre-Islamic times.
Morgenstierne’s pioneer contribution in Afghanistan was remarkable, and still raises international interest. The multimedia database consists largely of original sources published here for the first time.

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