Registration of new libraries for ILL in Norway

Please fill inn the following in local language for registration for ILL in Norway:

Corporation's / Division's / Library's name:
- Name of ILL / Document Delivery Office:
P.O. Box address (if applicable):
- Zipcode/postcode, name of postoffice:
Street address for packet delivery:
- Zipcode/postcode, name of postoffice:
Main phone number:
- Info service's phone number:
- Phonenumber to ILL office:
- Telefax number to ILL services:
General e-mail address:
- E-mail for ILL ordering:
URL to library's homepage:
Personal email address: (mandatory)

Nasjonalbiblioteket | postboks 2674 Solli, 0203 Oslo | tlf.: 810 01 300