In 2005, it is one hundred years since the peaceful dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden. After almost 90 relatively calm years of union, discord concerning parts of the union system eventually grew so great that the union could no longer be saved. As late as in spring 1904, there was still optimism about the possibility of resolving the problems, which mainly concerned the administration of foreign affairs, within the existing union. However, from winter 1904-05 on, most people understood that the union was nearing the end of its days. 1905 started with failed negotiations between Norway and Sweden and after the fear of war, military escalations, thundering nationalism, four changes of government, peace work and negotiations ended with the dissolution of the Swedish-Norwegian union. The union was ended peaceably and amicably, Norway established its own monarchy and Sweden took the first few faltering steps in the direction of parliamentarianism.

Here you will find a selection of the 1905 website's main articles summarised in English. You can study the timeline, which covers the entire duration of the union and the year 1905 in particular, and read texts on important topics.