Norwegian feature films before 1920

EXHIBITION: 1 June–30 September 2017

Between 1906 and 1919, when film was new and the Norwegian film wave of the 1920s was yet to appear, a total of nineteen Norwegian feature films were produced. Motion footage from only four of these films has been preserved. The remaining fifteen may be lost as films but we have many sources available which provide information about the. Thanks to stills, programmes, adverts, posters and record books, you will get a rich impression of this lost period in Norwegian film.

The exhibition offers a fascinating glimpse of the world as it was then depicted by these early Norwegian films: We're presented with, not only social issues such as poverty and worker’s rights, but also with erotic melodramas full of continental inspiration and avant garde dance. These elements, be they isolated fragments or longer clips, tell a captivating story of the early days of Norwegian film as it developed into feature films with a monolithic narrative.

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