Conference October 2013

Nordic conference on language and technology, October 7th and 8th in Oslo – reserve the dates now!

In correlation with Språkåret 2013, The National Library of Norway will host a conference on language and technology. Organizing partners are The Research Council of Norway and The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).

The aim of the conference is to demonstrate the importance of language technology for research, commerce and social development. Important objectives are:

  • To strengthen the links between language technology research and industrial and commercial development
  • To increase awareness of the social importance of language technology
  • To create an arena where experts in different fields can meet
  • To demonstrate how language technology can be exploited in various research areas

The conference’s target groups are language technology experts in Norway and abroad, researchers from various subject areas, companies developing language technology products and services, and language policy makers.

The conference has three main themes

  • language technology, health and welfare
  • language technology, education and research
  • language technology, security and defence

The contributors within each theme area will demonstrate why language technology is important for this particular area. They will also discuss the types of new technical solutions they hope to see in the future, and address the challenges these will involve for researchers and product developers.


The conference language will be Norwegian and English.

Product demonstrations

On Tuesday, October 8th, language technology developers will present their own products and companies.

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